Toolkit – diagnostic software and remap Yamaha ECU researched and manufactured by TRONGZEN TECH Co., Ltd.

Currently, there is no toolkit in the world that can remap Yamayha ECU using MCU RL78. But my toolkit did the trick.

We will always try to decrypt many Yamaha ECUs that are locked and will be updated free of charge on the software.

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✅ Currently, Remap can be used for car models such as:

*Remap Yamaha:
Exciter 150 2015-2018 (Available)
Exciter 150 – 2019-2020 (Available)
Exciter 155 – 2021 (Available)
MT15_B8D0 (Available)
TFX (Available)
Acruzo_2TD1 (Available)
Freego-B4U1 (Available)
Exciter 150 (2015-2018) (Available)
Sirius_1FC (Available)
Jupiter_1FP (Available)
Sirius 115_BCA (Available)
FZ150i (Available)
YZF-R125_B5G0 (Available)
X-Max 400_BL10 (Available)
X-Max 300_B740 (Available)
X-Max 300_B741 (Available)
X-Max 300_BV30 (Available)
X-Max 250_BG62 (Available)
X-Max ???_BV34_BV35 (Available)
X-Max ???_BV42_BV43 (Available)
ECU 1SM_1SMA_2015 (Available)
WR250F 2018_2GB1_2GB2_2GBF (Available)
WR250F 2018_2GBH (Available)
WR250F _2GCC (Available)
YZ450FX 2019_B3J0_B3J1 (Available)
YZ450FX 2019_B3J2_B3J3 (Available)
YZ450FX 2019_B3J4 (Available)
YZ250FX 2020_BAJ0_BAJ1_BAJ3_BAJ4 (Available)
MT15_BHM0_Malaysia (Available)
Xmax(2020-2021) B5X1(Available)
Grande_B8A0, B8A1, B8A1_40 (Available)
Grander Thai B8B0(Available)
Grander Thailand B8B0-31(Available)
Grander Thai B8B1-40(Available)
Fazzio_BJK1_Thailan BJK1 (2023)
Y16_BAX0 (Available)
* Vehicles such as:
Satria – Raider Fi
R1 (2020 – 2021)
NVX 155…. Will be updated for free in the next versions

👉🏻 Keep trying to make more new car codes and will update for FREE for you.

🔥Used directly on the computer, File bin - xdf - adx can view Live data directly, so that you can manually remap according to each vehicle's configuration.
🔥Available with ready-made map files, in many different configurations, and tested on dyno.
🔥Available with OFF Smartkey function, extremely hot on EX155 VVA.
🔥Available function to adjust VVA opening time, helps a lot on cars to configure.
🔥Diagnostic function – read fault – clear fault – view and analyze engine data via KLINE.
🔥Check the sensor in the form of a graph – activate the sensor – reset the ISC valve…

🔥KeyID reading function of Smartkey lock system using MCU RL78 such as: AirBlade, Vario, Click, PCX160….

✅ Price: 500$
✅ Remap Ecu Zin
✅ Remap by the back door (Drill holes)

All AEs using the Yamaha tool, can remap themselves, and will be trained for those who are still weak in Remap. Because I want AE to use it properly, with high efficiency, without spreading, causing real loss of trust with AE customers.

Currently, there is no toolkit in the world that can remap Yamayha ECU using MCU RL78. But my toolkit did the trick.

You can intervene and adjust the timing of VVA opening, which is very helpful on configuration cars or racing cars.

Other ECU codes of Yamaha using MCU such as: R5F35633, R5F21548G, R5F2156CG… will be updated after I finish decoding.

Yamaha ECUs such as: NVX155, Nmax, Satría, Raider… using MCU 9S12….have been remap with other tools, and I will integrate it into this Yamaha Ecu Remap tool once I'm done.

– When buying TOOL will include:
+ Hardware
+ Software
+ Bin file
+ XDF – ADX files (using TunerPro RT)
+ The bin file has been "remap"

🔊* ADX file is used to view data directly on TunerproRT, very helpful in remap – tuning work.
* As long as AE trusts and supports, I will support AE as best as possible.. Sincere thanks and wish AE success in this technology field!!!❤️❤️
* If you are interested, please contact FB: Remap Ecu Trongzen – In zen for immediate advice and reply!
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📲0379191323 – 0904849502 (weight)

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